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Computer Genius has stopped repairing personal computers.

Computers have gotten cheaper every year and the average user can now do most of their computing on a $50 tablet, smartphone, or smart TV. Repairing your old computer usually isn’t worth it when buying a new one costs about as much as the repair.

Existing Customers

We will continue to help our existing clients with repairs on a case-by-case basis.


Computer parts are now being sold by everyone from Walmart to Staples and they are all trying to compete with Amazon. This is not a race we can compete in. If you need something try Amazon. Great prices and you can get it in two days without leaving home. Later we will add product reviews to this website to help you pick the right computers and tech hardware.

What comes next for Computer Genius?

During the first half of 2018, we will be closed to the public while we develop a new line of computers. No, they will not be personal computers. They will be very expensive tools to be used by entrepreneurs delving into the latest technologies. If you are interested in futuristic technologies like Artificial Intelligence or Cryptocurrencies then check back here occasionally to see what we are up to.