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Share your story with us and we’ll listen. If you have a computer problem or concern we’ll suggest a fix or possibly a better option. If we aren’t your solution we’ll find someone who is. We strive to provide the best solution for you, even if it’s a do-it-yourself fix or another specialist.

Virus Removal

A computer virus is a criminal trying to steal your passwords, send out illegal email, watch you through your computer’s camera, ransom your data, or store porn on your computer.

Once they’ve gained access to your computer it’s hard to remove them. Common anti-virus programs just won’t do the job after they’re in.  Learn more.

Computer Repair

A failed hard drive, memory, video card, motherboard, or power supply can be easily replaced. Even the individual components of your motherboard can be replaced when they fail. The most intricate parts can be soldered using a microscope and a specialized soldering station.

Don’t throw out your dead computer until you know what fixing it will cost.

Data Recovery

Computers can be easily replaced, your personal information can’t be. Saved photos, letters, emails, Quick Books, and other data is what you really value on your computer.

When disaster strikes and you think all is lost, we can often recover your missing files from a damaged hard drive, memory card, or USB stick. Learn more.

Want to know more about us? Ask our customers.

Exceptional service – Very trustworthy – Answered all my questions – Honestly – I will go back anytime I need them. I recommend them to anyone.

Tim L. Sorg

Service with clear instruction on how to be a more savvy computer user without being a geek like going to a doctor and learning with a clear understanding of your diagnosis. Computer Genius – that’s truth in advertising!

Amy Van Huisen

These guys are great. The best service, the best price, best people I have ever had work on my computer. They know their business. I highly recommend them. Great to work with, give them a try, they will fix your computer better than anyone else.

Ken Boehm

I had a flash drive, which stopped working. I was fearful, because it very valuable personal and professional material. Computer Genius staff is very professional and handled my problem with impeccable speed and customer service. With any future computer issues that I have, Computer Genius will be the first place I go.

Reverend Wade Turner

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