Computer freezes can be one of the most frustrating computer problems you may have to deal with while you work. They interrupt what you are doing and could cause you to lose what you have been working on. If you are dealing with a computer that regularly freezes, there are several common reasons that are often the cause of this problem.

1. Heat issues

If your computer is getting too hot, it could cause it to freeze or even reboot while you work. computer heat problems - computer overheatingCheck to be sure all the vents on your computer are free of dust and make sure that each fan is spinning while your computer is running. If you have your computer in an enclosed area, move it so it can properly ventilate and move air through the system to keep it cool.

2. Viruses

Virus-Flames-LCDViruses and well known to cause computer slow-downs and freezes. They are designed to be a headache to computer users and often cause these types of symptoms. Run a virus scan using software such as STOPzilla to remove any viruses and malware that could be causing the problem.

3. Memory Errors

Ram MemoryOver time, it is possible for one of the sticks of RAM in your computer to become faulty. If this happens, when your computer tries to use the faulty memory it can cause your machine to lock up. In this case, you must run a memory scan to figure out which stick is going bad and replace the bad stick with a new one.

4. Hard drive problems

Hard DriveIf your hard drive becomes too fragmented or begins to fail, your computer can begin to freeze on a regular basis. Defrag
ment your drive and remove any files and applications you no longer need to free up space. If after doing this it still freezes, you could be facing a future hard drive failure. If this occurs, you could lose all of your files and applications so it must be looked at quickly. Changing the hard drive is a relatively easy repair that you can do yourself or with the help of a technician.

5. Video problems

Video on a computer is controlled by a video chip or a separate card attached to the motherboard. If this card or chip begins to fail, your computer can exhibit strange behavior including weird video glitches on your screen or even computer freezes and crashes. Changing the video card is the only option to repair this problem and should be done by an experienced technician.

laptop motherboard6. Failing processor or motherboard

While the most least likely cause, it is one of the most serious. When the processor or motherboard begins to fail, your computer can freeze or even shut down. If this occurs, you will need to take it in for service unless you have a lot of experience building and repairing computers.

Computer freezes can be a big headache if you are trying to get things done. Fortunately, they are usually caused by several easy to fix errors that you can do right in your home or office in only a matter of minutes. If you believe you have a more serious problem, consider taking the machine to a professional to have the diagnosed.