Computer problems come in all shapes and sizes.

These are just a few of the computer hardware problems that we fix on a regular basis.

Hard drive failure

If your computer won’t boot or is simply running painfully slow, it could be a symptom of a failing hard drive.  Losing a hard drive can be devastating to a both an individual or business.  If you believe your hard drive is failing, we can replace your hard drive and assist you with restoring your data.

Video card

If you are looking to upgrade your video card or if the card in your computer needs replacing, we can help you choose the right card that will meet your needs while remaining compatible with your existing hardware.  Whether you want to play the latest games or just browse the Internet, we will help you choose the right card for your machine.

Tablet battery

Over time the battery in your tablet can easily begin to show its age.  Typically when your tablet battery needs replacing you will find that you are charging your tablet more often and your tablet won’t hold a charge.  We offer a variety of tablet battery replacement options so you can install a fresh battery in your device that will hold up even under the heaviest of usage.

Driver issues

If your software isn’t installed properly or has been damaged, you can easily experience frequent crashes and system freezes.  As part of our PC repair services we can examine all the drivers and software on your system and repair any issues while also updating your drivers to their latest versions.  Whether you are having print driver issues or graphic card driver problems, we have the expertise needed to clean up these system errors.

Water Damage Issues

Water is the mortal enemy of any computer, if you have accidently spilled water on your system, shut it off and bring it to us as quickly as possible.  We will clean up the water, dry out the system and perform extensive testing on the system to see if any of your hardware was damaged.  If we find damaged hardware, we will recommend the best possible course of action to get your computer back up and running including any possible repairs or part replacements needed.

Memory problems

If you find you can’t open some applications on your system or if you are experiencing frequent crashes, your computer may need a memory upgrade or replacement.  We can help you replace the RAM on your computer so you can open the applications you need and reduce the frequency of system crashes.

Tablet LCD replacement

If your tablet’s screen didn’t survive the last drop without cracking or worse, shattering, you will need to find a way to have it replaced.  We can repair the LCD of a wide variety of tablets available so you can go back to surfing the web on the go without having the image distorted by an ugly crack.

Laptop LCD replacement

Without an LCD a laptop is pretty useless, we can find and repair the LCD screens on virtually any laptop whether you have scratched or cracked the screen or if you have suffered a backlight burnout.  If your laptop screen is dark do not worry, as part of our notebook repair services we can easily repair it so you don’t have to go out and buy a brand new laptop.

On board audio

Many motherboards today include on board audio options that are almost as good as many of the audio cards available.  However, if you begin to have sound issues with your computer, they can often be more difficult to repair.  We offer a wide range of repair services designed to help you repair your on board audio including software and hardware repairs.  In extreme cases, we can also help you bypass the on board options entirely in favor of an audio card.

Power plug pulled out

One of the most frequent problems we encounter are power adapters suddenly pulled from the laptop because someone accidently tripped on the cable or dropped the notebook.  This can damage the power adapter or the connector on the motherboard.  When this happens you might think your laptop is ruined but we can help you repair it so you can continue to charge your laptops battery without worry.

Cell Phone LCD

A cracked screen can make it very difficult, if not impossible to use your cell phone.  We offer LCD screen replacement on a wide variety of cell phones so you can get rid of that cracked screen and make your smartphone’s screen look as good as it did on the first day you brought it home.

Cooling – CPU thermal

High quality CPU thermal paste should be used when installing all processors but is especially important for high end systems such as gaming computers.  We use high quality CPU thermal paste for all our processor installations and will reseat your processor using our thermal paste to ensure optimal cooling on your system.

Wireless network cards

It can be frustrating when the wireless network card stops functioning on your laptop forcing you to be tethered to a cable in order to access the Internet.  Whether you use a laptop or desktop, we can help you troubleshoot wireless problems and even replace the wireless network card so you can get back online no matter where you may be.

Audio card issues

Audio cards offer improved sound for all types of computers along with many more options for connecting other sound devices to your computer.  However, when these cards begin to go, you will quickly find that you have no sound on your computer.  We can easily remove the damaged card and replace it with a new one that will meet all your needs so you can listen to music, watch movies and much more with the best sound quality possible.

Keyboard replacement

Broken keys on a laptop are more than just an inconvenience.  They can quickly make your laptop virtually unusable.  We provide laptop keyboard repair services that can repair the individual keys or replace the entire keyboard so you don’t have to invest in a keyboard just to use your laptop.

Cooling – fan cleaning

One of the most common problems when air-cooling computers are dirty or faulty fans.  These fans could be located on your case, power supply or even your CPU.  We will clean your computer and its fans and replace faulty fans to ensure optimal cooling for your desktop or laptop.

Motherboard replacement

If you believe the motherboard of your computer is damaged, you may believe that you must replace your computer.   However, we offer motherboard repair services that can repair your existing motherboard or we can replace it with a new motherboard that is compatible with all of your hardware.

LAN cards

If you are having trouble accessing the Internet or your local computer network it could be because of a faulty LAN card on your desktop.  As part of our PC repair service, we can easily replace the faulty card in your desktop computer so you can get back online and share the files you need without the frustration of network interruptions or slowdowns.

Laptop hinges

Over time the hinges on the screen of your laptop may become weakened and worn.  When this happens they simply won’t be able to support the weight of the screen anymore.  Before you go out and buy a brand new laptop, consider replacing those hinges as a way of extending the life of your notebook so you can use your laptop without worrying about the screen falling on your hands.

Power supply issues

Power supply problems can cause a wide variety of problems with your computer.  Power surges can damage the power supply preventing your computer from powering on or too much load on the power supply can cause your machine to crash and shut down randomly.  As part of our PC repair service, we can help you choose the right power supply for your system’s needs and help you replace damaged power supplies so your computer always comes on when you need it.