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Data recovery you can count on.

Most people won’t hear of “Data Recovery” until a disaster happens. When your computer won’t boot up, your camera’s memory card can’t find any photos, or your USB memory stick can’t be read. Only then, usually at the worst possible moment, will you think of finding a way to recover the lost files.

Hard Drive

Hard drives store your information on spinning platters. An arm moves over the platters reading and writing information using magnetism. If your files are lost due to errors in this process we can usually recover them with our recovery devices.

SSD Drive

SSD drives are small, fast, and light weight. This is why they’re often found in newer thin laptops and tablets. These drives store data on electronic chips without using any moving parts. Data recovery for this type of drive requires special equipment and software.

USB Drive

USB drives, often referred to as thumb drives, take a lot of abuse. They are dropped, pulled out wrong, or go through the laundry in a pocket. These drives can often be restored by re-soldering the USB and internal connections.

Memory Card

Memory cards can have corrupted file systems that make your data impossible to read. They also share the traits of the USB and SSD drives that require special software and hardware to restore missing files and photos.

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