Electronics Recycling

Early on we realized that recycling computers would become a problem. Our service center was generating too much toxic trash. We started to look for a solution.

The recyclers we found were in it for the money. At the time there were stories of recyclers taking anything of value and dumping the rest. Some were shipping the unwanted trash to other countries to get around U.S. laws. This just didn’t seem right. So we kept looking for a better way.

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Luckily we found RecycleForce. They have a different goal for any money they get. They help others. As a non-profit they use the money from the old electronics to help those in need. Your trash can do some good on its way out.

RecycleForce doesn’t cut corners. All laws and regulations are followed to insure they recycle to the latest standards. This protects the environment and guarantees that illegally dumped electronics are not traced back to your doorstep.

From the Recycleforce website;

“Using the revenue generated by its recycling business, RecycleForce is helping formerly incarcerated individuals rebuild their lives by providing gainful employment and comprehensive social services.
Ex-offenders have the odds stacked against them upon their release. Most have no job and no home to return to. Without these foundational elements, the rate of reoffending and returning to the criminal justice system is incredibly high—up to 50% in Indianapolis/Marion County.

RecycleForce helps ex-offenders break down the barriers to employment by providing transitional jobs for up to six months, as well as comprehensive services designed to get their lives back on track. The RecycleForce model offers program participants an integrated focus on jobs skills, character development and personal counseling. This “wrap-around” approach greatly increases the chance of sustained future employment and decreases the instances of re-offending. 

The RecycleForce program extends well beyond the six-month transitional job opportunity. By working with industry partners and employers committed to hiring ex-offenders, RecycleForce helps facilitate the transition for program participants from temporary work to full-time, gainful employment.”

RecycleForce setup a 20 foot cargo container at Computer Genius to provide year round free recycling to Northeast Indiana. The container is open during our normal business hours. If you need to drop of a large load at other times, call (260) 622-6006. We’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Is your laptop broken? As a service center we always in need of parts for older computers. Before you decide to junk your old laptop bring it in to see if it still has value.

Is your laptop still working? Many of the major “big box” computer stores are offering some form of trade in program. These usually require that the value of your old computer be applied to the purchase of a new computer. They don’t want you to walk out with cash.

Computer Genius has a better way, we give you cash not credit. Bring in your laptop and you can walk out with money in minutes.

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