The only all American virus solution created and supported in the U.S.



  • Clean interface that’s easy to use
  • Reliable scanning that catches both viruses and spyware
  • Real time protection against malware and viruses
  • Provides secure environment for online banking and shopping
  • Will scan and detect threats of USB flash drives and hard drives
  • American made and supported


  • Some users experience slow install times.
  • Scans can take awhile on some computers.

Bottom Line:

SZSTOPzilla Antivirus is the only American made and supported antivirus solution with a clean and slick interface that is easy to use and excellent at catching both spyware and viruses on your PC making it the perfect choice for U.S. customers.

Good virus software is an essential piece for every computer user.  With so many antivirus choices out there, it can be tough to decide which one is the best choice to protect your computer.  They all claim to be the best, but the reality can be much different.  STOPzilla offers some of the best protection from viruses, spyware and other types of malware. It is made and supported right here in America so you don’t have to worry about learning a new language if you need help.


STOPzilla installs quite easily and should be easy for even users without a lot of computer experience.  Most users will need a broadband connection especially if they begin by downloading the free trial.  For most users, the installation will run quickly.  Some users reported long install times but this was due to the older computers they were using and not the software.

User Interface

No one wants to use software that requires a PhD to operate.  Many antivirus packages, however, have complicated interfaces that are difficult even for experienced users to navigate.  STOPzilla understands this fact and created an interface that is easy to use regardless of your computer experience.  It looks sleek and stylish and users can easily access all the tools available with just a few clicks.

Scanning and Protection

SZIt really all comes down to this.  No matter how great an interface is if the protection doesn’t hold up you are left with a pretty useless piece of software.  STOPzilla delivers high marks in this department with its ability to scan your computer in real-time and stop viruses and other malware before they take hold in your system.

It offers three different types of scans – Quick, Full, and Intelligent.  The full scan offers the deepest scan of a computer system allowing to detect and remove even the most difficult to remove viruses.  The quick scan is the fastest of the scans and only checks the most active areas of your computer while the intelligent scan checks the most common areas of your computer.

For most users, all of these scans run quickly and detect almost all threats.  Some users with older computers have noticed that these scans can take some time to run.  This is due to the limits of their computer and not STOPzilla itself.

Spyware Protection

Many antivirus software packages only scan and remove viruses.  They don’t remove spyware and other malware threats.  STOPzilla, however, will detect and remove both viruses and spyware.  It scans for threats like adware, spyware, hijackers, key loggers and much more.

Regular Updates

Without regular updates, antivirus software is basically useless.  Periodically, STOPzilla will call home and check for updates.  If it finds one it will update for you.  All of this is done on its own so you don’t have to worry about running updates in order to keep your computer safe.

Technical Support

SZThe staff of STOPzilla has worked hard to provide many different ways to get the help you need.  The software comes with a detailed manual and you can find even more information in the help section of their website.  On top of that, you can email or even call their support anytime.  STOPzilla is American all the way, so you won’t have to worry about talking to someone in India who barely speaks English.

Gaming Mode

This mode will be very handy for people who use a lot of heavy applications.  Watching a video or playing a game on your computer can use much of its resources.  If you are trying to run a scan of your computer at the same time, your entire system could slow down.  This feature allows you to temporarily disable STOPzilla while you use the resource swallowing applications so your computer runs smoothly all the time.

Final Thoughts

Of all the antivirus applications I have tried, I have had the best luck with STOPzilla.  It’s easy to use and the scans are quick and painless even though some users on older machines thought they were a little slow.  With its real-time scanning and multiple scanning options it can remove both viruses and malware with ease.  For people in the U.S., STOPzilla is hands down the best choice as the only completely American antivirus company available. It offers users the best protection from viruses and malware wrapped in a clean and stylish package that anyone can use.